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…both of you!

We doubt anyone cares about our little blog. That said, if any reporters are visiting this blog to dig up dirt now that Bachmann has officially announced her candidacy, that’s more or less what we’re here for. We started this blog to document Michele Bachmann’s numerous crazy statements because we felt the mainstream media was giving her an easy pass. The Strib ignores certain things altogether and minces words on others. This may be out of a reasonable fear of actual or perceived bias, but there’s no such thing as bias in reporting well-established facts. For example, when Bachmann said the AmeriCorps is a “re-education camp” brainwashing volunteers into thinking like liberals, that was not a “misstatement” or “misleading.” It was a lie, and not even an especially believable one. (Apparently her own son doesn’t believe her either, since he joined.) We have attempted to document other such lies on this blog, in a convenient searchable format.

If you don’t trust us, for heaven’s sake try PolitiFact, which has never rated anything she’s said as more than half true. (As of this writing.)

Of course, we are also having our little fun with her numerous ridiculous statements. Reporters are probably familiar with her several recent statements that the Founding Fathers stopped slavery (too bad for you, Harriet Tubman), that the Revolutionary War started in New Hampshire and that Michele Obama wants the government to pay for your breast pump. But if you dig back further, you also find that she also claims she was falsely imprisoned in a bathroom by lesbians, who were leaning against her bathroom stall and we’re pretty sure not even lesbians. Her problem with gay people also extends to hiding in the bushes outside their rallies and then pretending she wasn’t.

Finally, rumor has it that she’s kind of a bitch. Even if you see the political reasoning behind her attempt to smear her colleague Keith Ellison by falsely associating him with some imams who were falsely accused of terrorism, you might look into her incredibly high staff turnover — which one anonymous Republican staffer told a newspaper was because she’s crazy and difficult to work with. She’s also refused to drop her extreme antigay stance even though her stepsister is a lesbian. And unsubstantiated rumor has it that her 23 former foster kids were used as unpaid childcare for her five bio kids. We haven’t seen any credible non-anonymous source for this, though, so if we were you, we’d start making phone calls. C’mon, one of the 23 has gotta talk.

Finally, if you want an easy interview — and judging by what I’ve seen from the national media, at least the TV folks do — try Dump Bachmann, which will have a more informed and local perspective even if it does shift its focus to non-Bachmann people sometimes.


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