LA Times thinks Bachmann owns up to her mistakes

Or anyway, they didn’t challenge her when she made that claim:

Another problem is Bachmann’s repeated gaffes. Bachmann brushes aside questions about self-discipline and calls verbal slips an inevitable result of so much speaking. She says she owns up to mistakes, often with self-deprecating humor.

A selection of examples to the contrary:
1. Bachmann originally got famous for claiming Barack Obama might have anti-American views and members of Congress should be investigated for anti-Americanism. But when someone challenged her on that, she claimed she didn’t mean it and that Chris Matthews “trapped” her.
2. MinnPost’s Eric Black explains in detail how he heard Bachmann make the outrageous claim that Iran had a plan to partition Iraq, called her for comment, got nothing and ran with it. A later statement from Bachmann said she was “sorry” if she was misconstrued.
3. Bachmann’s most recent claim to be evaluated by PolitiFact was rated as “pants on fire.” She said the president has allowed one drilling permit since he came into office; the correct number is 217 before the moratorium and 74 after. Her office did not return calls for comment.

Reporters don’t HAVE to contradict people when they brazenly lie, but they ought to at least look into it. Or else we will call them lazy. Lazy.


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