Tea Party pissed at Bachmann for attempting to avoid government shutdown

As citizens and reasonable human beings, we are not fans of the shutdown. If this thing goes through and active-duty military servicemembers stop getting paychecks, no Congressmember who is a party to this can ever again honestly claim to “support the troops.” Not that the claim ever had much meaning.

However, as liberals, we are blue with glee over this article about trouble for Michele Bachmann, for two different reasons. One, it’s always nice to see trouble for her, and two, it’s also nice to see the tea party cutting off its nose to spite its face. According to Politico, Mark Meckler of Tea Party Patriots says the group is unhappy with her statements about “potential compromise.” One day after Bachmann obediently voted against a continuing resolution to keep the government alive, she gave a non-statement implying that maybe there are more important things than Planned Parenthood funding.

Seriously, potential compromise is what the SAY they’re against. For a bunch of (mostly) old white people, they sure seem babyish in their approach to politics. We look forward to when they catch the flack for putting many thousands of Americans out of work. No, no — we look forward even more to hearing the great whining when they realize they’re not getting their Social Security checks.


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