Christopher Buckley is pissed… or maybe just got some new material.

Apparently Bachmann’s son, the one who’s working on her not-campaign for president, is a big fan of William F. Buckley. He expresses his fandom through terrible writing, as this letter to a newspaper after Buckley’s death shows:

“[M]ovement intellects such as Buckley are indelible,” Lucas Bachmann wrote. “Like the majority of conservatives, I watched and marveled at his eloquent didacticism drawn from a prolix lexicon that can only be described as Buckleyesque.”

As the Salon columnist notes, Buckley was an intellectual who would likely have disdained the crazy Christian wing of the GOP in general, and specifically the virulent anti-intellectual and reality-denying version of Christian right-wing politics that Michele Bachmann practices. Unfortunately, being dead, he can’t use wit to put these people in their place. (Which is a dairy farm collecting federal subsidies.) But his son, the satirist and columnist Christopher Buckley, might enjoy the irony. If he’s not pissed off.


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