PolitiFact rates another Bachmann claim “Pants on Fire”

This happens so often that it’s almost yawn-worthy, except of course that it’s hard to respond with a yawn when politicians actively lie and their constituents continue to re-elect them. In this case, PolitiFact reports that Bachmann claims there’s been one new drilling permit under the Obama administration. PolitiFact asked the Department of the Interior and the correct number is 217, BEFORE the Deepwater Horizon disaster. There was a moratorium after that, so permit approval rates have dropped and something like 45 new ones have been issued since then. But Bachmann’s fans don’t actually care what’s true as long as she supports their right to force other people’s children to praise Jeebus in public schools.

BWAHAHA. The Hill covered this with a quote from a Bachmann spokeshole, who claims Bachmann was referring to a specific permit that was the first granted after the deepwater moratorium was lifted. Well, yes, there is only one of that particular permit. But that is not what she said. Spokeshole: she might address the issue differently in the future. Or you could try to get her to STFU!


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