Welcome, members of the media!

On the extreme off chance that reporters are visiting this site now that Bachmann has officially declared her candidacy for president, we made a page just for them.

As for the candidacy itself, let us extract our true feelings from an email written to a friend earlier:

So she says. I do not understand why she thinks she has a chance (if
she does). She doesn’t even win by a landslide in her own district and
her appeal is very limited outside the 20-25% of Americans who are
evangelical Christians, and probably even not all of those since
evangelicals include non-crazy people. In addition, members of the House
haven’t even been nominated for the presidency in ages, in part
because they haven’t generally been heard of outside their areas. Her
appeal to Minnesotans will be further diluted by the presence of the
much more electable, though boring, Tim Pawlenty. Her appeal to
tea-party whackjobs will be diluted by the four or so other people
trying to do that, although I doubt Sarah Palin is actually running
(not lucrative enough) and Newt Gingrich is currently playing target
practice with his own foot.

OTOH, this could still be a cynical play for massive wads of cash so
she can run for the Minnesota senatorial seat currently held by Amy
Klobuchar. That would be less good for democracy but more achievable
for Bachmann. I am split between this viewpoint and thinking that
Bachmann is just fantastically egotistical and really thinks she has a
chance. The egotistical viewpoint would also explain why she did her
own response to the SOTU speech even though nobody, including her own
party, wanted her to.

Another explanation: She wants to create a real political party out of
the Tea Party. This theory also relies on her having a massive ego,
since the main beneficiaries of a split in the GOP would be Democrats.

So that’s where we stand on that.


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