Other Republicans give Bachmann’s “hidden health care money” claim a cold shoulder

Or so we read. The Strib’s Hot Dish Politics blog says Boehner has avoided the issue entirely and some other Republican from Texas told the media he was actively mystified by her claim.

The blog also points out that Bachmann was only one of 54 Republicans who voted against funding the government for another three weeks, which suggests to us that perhaps other Republicans don’t see a strong connection between keeping the government running and de-funding the health care bill. (And more importantly, they probably DO see a strong connection between their reelection chances and making sure millions of people still have jobs in a few weeks.) MinnPost quotes NY Democrat Chuck Schumer saying that teahadists like Bachmann are putting Boehner in a tough spot by refusing to compromise on the three-week extension. As liberals, we think this is awesome and encourage Bachmann to continue creating splits in the GOP by self-aggrandizing.


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