Bachmann congratulates wrong state on being birthplace of the American Revolution

The Boston Globe says she mentioned this twice in two speeches, both times attributing the “shot heard ’round the world” to New Hampshire rather than Massachusetts. This is unlikely to hurt her with tea partiers, who in our opinion are better at assigning their views to the Framers than actually understanding who the Framers were and what they did. Some guy even told the newspaper that “every single [politician] in the room] has made the exact same mistake, maybe not on the same topic.” How is it the same mistake if it’s not on the same topic?

The same guy later praised her as “very intelligent.” You can evaluate his ability to make that determination for yourself.

The Globe had some fun with it.

Lawrence O’Donnell draws unkind conclusions about the intelligence of Bachmann’s staff and constituents.Keep makin’ Minnesota proud, lady.


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