Bachmann suggests shutting down the government over the “hidden” health care money

The Hill reports that Bachmann has suggested that the GOP de-fund the government, triggering a shutdown that would put thousands or millions out of work, if the health care bill is not repealed. Sure, lady, the government will get right on that for you. Specifically, she wants the $105 billion the bill appropriates rescinded. As you may recall, she spent last week making herself a laughingstock by claiming this money was “hidden” when in fact she apparently just didn’t read the bill.

Actually, we think this would be brilliant PR for the Democrats, much like Scott Walker’s moves in Wisconsin were brilliant PR for the unions. Which party is the party that ground the government to a halt over petty partisan bickering? Oh yeah, the party that’s gonna lose in 2012.

EDIT: Star-Tribune editorial calls the claim baseless and Bachmann “a policy lightweight” who undermines her own credibility with “stunts” like this. Given all the Republican whining last year about how Democrats didn’t read the health care bill, we also enjoyed this line: “If the funding was a “secret,” it’s only because Bachmann didn’t read the bill. Her office this week blamed the press for not calling the money to the attention of Congress.” Those media elitists, always failing to do Bachmann’s job for her!


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