Bachmann on Wisconsin

The last time we checked, our girl was suggesting that the people of Wisconsin were not behind these protests, which was why only 70,000 showed up at the peak of the protests. The Twin Cities AV Club took on the issue March 4 (before the Wisconsin GOP finished its end-run around the legislature’s own rules) and found one of her famous half-truths:

And, of course, Michele Bachmann tells a half-truth. “Don’t let anyone tell you that the government workers in Wisconsin are losing their collective bargaining rights over wages,” Bachmann recently huffed. Of course, under Walker’s proposal, the union can’t negotiate wage increases that exceed annual changes in the consumer price index, unless approved by referendum. So, yes, those rights technically stay in place—for “losing,” just insert “drastically limiting.”

We look forward to seeing the people of Wisconsin continue to prove her wrong by recalling a few GOP state senators.


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