“Gangster” government

We’ve been holding off on commenting on her “gangster government” comments because they never really made any sense to us. How is the Obama administration like Al Capone or a modern street gang? It’s hard to make fun of stuff that comes way out of left field.

We still think it leaves something to be desired as a rhetorical tactic and a metaphor. But in the Washington Post, Jonathan Capehart addressed the issue through a racial lens, and that’s when it started to make sense. He suggests that “gangsters” is a code word for “black people,” and we suspect we know what Bachmann voters think of black people (assuming they’ve met any). He calls it “ugly dog-whistle politics,” which explains why we didn’t understand — the whistle is inaudible to people who don’t associate the word “gangster” with black faces. Like, say, the face on that semi-black president we have.


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