Bachmann compares Wisconsin’s fight against unions to Reagan, Lincoln

Surprisingly, her comparison was not to Reagan firing the air traffic controllers. Oh no! Scott Walker trying to bust the unions is like Reagan fighting communism, she said. Yes, teachers are totally JUST LIKE KGB spies.

According to Bachmann, it’s also like Lincoln fighting the Civil War. The American Independent has a funny story about that:

And Republicans act that way too. As KMPH reported last week, in 1840, Illinois state Rep. Abraham Lincoln jumped out of a second story window to prevent a vote that would have done away with the Illinois State Bank.

“On that date, the Democrats proposed an early adjournment, knowing this would bring a speedy end to the State Bank,” wrote Bill Coate. “The Whigs tried to counter by leaving the capitol building before the vote, but the doors were locked. That’s when Lincoln made his move. He headed for the second story, opened a window and jumped to the ground!”

Unlike the 14 Wisconsin Democrats — who fled to the Land of Lincoln — Lincoln was caught and returned to the Capitol in time for the House to adjourn.

She then followed up with the assertion that Obama is behind the protests in Madison, apparently because she is incapable of believing that state workers might have decided to protest without nefarious government interference, just because they like having health care.


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