Bachmann proposes cuts to veterans’ services

She’s happy enough to send other people’s kids to FIGHT in wars, but apparently it’s too expensive to take care of them when they come home with injuries. This is all to avoid raising the debt ceiling. We suppose it’s good that conservatives are thinking about defense as cut-able at all, but we personally prefer NOT to balance the budget on the backs of wounded veterans. Then again, we’re talking about a woman who defines freedom as the ability to buy incandescent light bulbs.

By the way, she mentioned the light bulb thing again in the speech she made to the wall the night of the SOTU speech, so PolitiFact fact-checked it and rated it “barely true.” Congrats, Congresswoman, on finally making a controversial claim that is not outright false! Too bad you’re still a douchebag who wants to create more homeless veterans so you can pay less in taxes!

EDIT: The Strib said Feb. 4 that she’s backing down on this. Turns out that pissing off anyone who’s ever served in the military, and all of their friends and families, has a downside.


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