Bachmann heading to South Carolina for apparent presidential groundwork

Thus sayeth Politico. We are beginning to take this presidential campaign seriously. Not seriously like we think she could get elected, but we now think it’s possible that SHE thinks she could get elected. Progressives are mostly delighted at the idea, so that should give you some clue about what people think are her chances. We are still holding on to our “run for Senate idea” (imagine Bachmann alone in a room with Al Franken — AWKWARD!), but it’s possible that she really thinks she can overcome her perfect no-truth-telling record with fact-checkers, the disapproval of her own party and her inability to get a majority vote in Minnesota. We look forward to seeing evangelical dollars disappear down THAT black hole.

(PSST! Bachmann! There are black people in South Carolina! Don’t take Steve King or he might try to deport them!)

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