MPR story goes into detail about Bachmann’s relationship with the truth

We startes this blog because we couldn’t find anywhere near enough articles like this one from MPR. It goes into detail about Bachmann’s lies and misleading statements, and how she doesn’t stop with them just because fact-checkers say they aren’t true.

We are tempted to excerpt almost the entire article, but we’ll content ourselves with some fact-checking of claims we haven’t seen before:

“I know a friend of mine who’s from Minnesota who has recently moved to California who is a young widow,” Bachmann said. “She told me her premiums have just gone up 29 percent. Well, that makes sense because of all of the unfunded mandates in ObamaCare. Now the private insurance companies are picking them up.”

But that claim is a stretch, said Larry Levitt, vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, which studies health care issues. Levitt said health care premiums have increased, but it has nothing to do with the new health care law. He said the new law has had a very modest effect on the cost of coverage.

Bachmann also claimed that illegal immigrants will have access to health insurance under the new law. That also is false. Emergency rooms are required to treat everyone, no matter what their immigration status. But that’s been the case for years. People who are in the country illegally aren’t eligible for health care under the federal Medicaid program or the new insurance exchanges the law creates.

Bachmann also said in the interview that Christina Romer, the former chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, had warned that five million jobs would be lost under the health care law. PolitiFact and other organizations say Romer never made that statement. The fact-checking group found that Republicans arrived at the number by misusing research Romer conducted in 2007.

Then MPR asks Bachmann why she lies so much, and she predictably dodges the question.

When MPR News asked Bachmann this week to discuss the many challenges to her credibility, the congresswoman dodged the question. Instead, she questioned the truthfulness of President Obama — saying he has misled the public about the federal stimulus and the health care law.

[quoting her blather about Obama]

Bachmann then went on to repeat her earlier misstatements.

MPR goes on to suggest that running for office nationally would mean greater scrutiny on her lies. But then it quotes a think tanker about how facts don’t matter to voters.

Norm Ornstein, a congressional scholar with the American Enterprise Institute, said politicians have become increasingly dismissive of facts.

“Respect for facts just doesn’t mean a whole lot any more,” Ornstein said. “You don’t get punished. You don’t get shamed if you say things that are patently false. Let’s face it: for many, repeating them over and over again — even after you’ve been told and it’s been made clear that what you say is false — just doesn’t have any impact at all.”

Depressing, but at least MPR has made another entry into the record about Bachmann’s relationship with the truth. A GOP primary opponent could, ahem, make much of this.


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