What’s Minnesota for “chutzpah”?

ATTENTION POLITICIANS! Did you want to deliver a response to the State of the Union speech, only to find that your party leadership prefers someone else? (For this, as well as for House leadership roles?) Desperate for attention? No problem! Just have your own speech anyway and see if anyone cares.

EDIT: Various political pundits suggest that this will actively hurt the GOP by dividing it, or at least making it look divided. US News & World Report:

Bachmann is an accomplished self-promoter (with a startling talent for factual inaccuracies), so it’s not especially surprising that she’s doing this. But GOP leaders have to be beside themselves. They wanted to present a fresh and earnest face (Ryan) in their first prime time appearance since taking over the House. … They want to present the GOP as being an adult party, but the fact is that—especially in a media environment where a speech can be streamed live on a group’s website—they simply don’t control the message. … And as Allahpundit points out, between a mature, governing message, and an incendiary loony-tunes rhetoric bomb, it’s the bomb-thrower who’s going to get the publicity.

The Daily Beast article from which that post was drawn:

But the response her scheming has received in top GOP circles—a response that would best be described as arctic—suggests that the battle between disgruntled, absolutist Tea Party activists (who want to blow the system up) and their more realistic representatives in Washington (who plan to work within it) is only beginning. … Now that the midterms are over, however, the newly empowered GOP establishment clearly wants to tone down the hyperbolic PR and show that it, too, can engage in “adult” problem-solving. The story of the next two years will be the story of whether the Republican Party can shush its big-talking “Bachmann side” long enough for its more practical “Ryan side” to negotiate with Democrats and get stuff done, or whether the Tea Party types who lap up Bachmann’s erroneous rhetoric will torpedo the GOP’s efforts to enact its agenda.

Music to our ears.


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