Are you listening, Tarryl Clark?!

This St. Cloud Times interview with Bachmann is CHOCK full of quotes that would have made it into a Clark campaign ad a few months ago. Let’s start with the lead of the story:

In assessing her second term as the representative for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, Michele Bachmann cites an expansion of her presence on Facebook and Twitter among her major accomplishments.

Seriously, lady? The story goes on to cite other accomplishments: being a “mainstay on conservative news programs,” her anti-healthcare rally and starting the House tea party caucus. Notably absent here: any mention of legislation. The story goes on to say she’s introduced 18 bills in her two-plus terms, none of which have passed.

The first page also contains this telling quote:

“I’m excited about the vigorous amount of work that I was able to accomplish in these two years for myself personally,” Bachmann said.

We’re sure the Sixth District is also very excited about what Bachmann has done to help herself. While ostensibly serving them.


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