Bill O’Reilly doesn’t see a media bias against Bachmann

Or Sarah Palin, or whatever other conservative woman is being criticized. We have a lot of thoughts about this. O’Reilly is clearly setting himself up as a moderate in the giant political theater that is Faux News. While we don’t believe for a second that it’s real, this could be good for democracy if he keeps his viewers. It’s also nice to see someone point out that acting insane is the reason for the criticism, and thus Glenn Beck gets it too.

And we suppose it’s nice that conservatives are noticing that there’s a double standard for women in politics. (If you doubt this, consider what the pundits would say if Bachmann or Hilary Clinton had the crying episodes of John Boehner.) If Bachmann can do anything positive for our country, maybe she can help eradicate institutionalized sexism in the mainstream conservative world. We don’t believe that the GOP actually intends to get on board with feminism, though — at least not when profit is threatened by doing the right thing.


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