Bachmann for president!

We’ve been ignoring stuff like this because we don’t think it’s a serious possibility. The Onion’s AV Club, of all publications, has published an article explaining why they agree. Most of the arguments are good (although we think religious conservatives probably DO like crazy eyes), but by far the most compelling reason is #4: she can’t win Minnesota. In fact, she didn’t even win her district with the landslide that is expected of incumbents — the final count was roughly 52% Bachmann, 39% Clark, 5% Anderson. So if you can barely squeak out a majority in your OWN district, and people at the state fair stop to tell TV cameras that you are insane, what does that say about your ability to appeal to voters in the wider nation? Plus let’s not forget that the GOP power structure expressly rejected her attempts to take on a leadership role. And then there’s the Minnesota vote-drawing effect of the much better known Tim Pawlenty. We don’t buy it.

The LA Times political blog appears to agree with us. They seem to think she’s just attention whoring (which at this point is basically like saying she breathes air) or is considering running against Amy Klobuchar.

We’d actually enjoy seeing her run for president, as it would be a colossal waste of evangelical Christians’ money, and we DO enjoy seeing them fail at things. Plus, that’s money that won’t be spent attempting to outlaw gay people or force-convert kids in public schools.


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