Mo’ money, mo’ speculation

We haven’t written much here about Bachmann’s fund-raising prowess, since there’s nothing wrong with it by itself. However, The Hill raises a horrifying spectacle: Bachmann vs. Klobuchar in 2012. This is speculation based on the fact that Bachmann has a huge campaign chest — in fact, Dump Bachmann has recently noted that Bachmann has her hand out for more money even now, just after an election and during the season when we typically give to GOOD causes. Her spokesholes have declined to rule out a run for Senate or anything else.

However, as Dump Bachmann has also noted, Bachmann polls very poorly against Klobuchar. Could Bachmann have forgotten that she only narrowly won her last election, or indeed, that the majority of Minnesotans are not reality-challenged evangelicals? If so, we look forward to watching her spend millions to lose.


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