Bachmann still trying to redefine “earmark”

We don’t understand how she thinks this will be politically helpful to her, but our favorite religio-fascist cutie pie is on record saying she thinks transportation projects should be exempt from an earmark ban.

Conservatives like Roe, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and Iowa Rep. Steve King are among those trying to figure out a longer-term, sustainable way to get money back to projects in their districts.

“This isn’t trying to be too cute by half of what is an earmark and what isn’t,” Bachmann told POLITICO on Wednesday. “But we have to address the issue of how are we going to fund transportation projects across the country?”

She tried to backpedal with the National Review, but the people there are able to use Google and have turned up past remarks to the Strib in which she said essentially the same thing.

Someone from Taxpayers for Common Sense, in the National Review, went so far as to call the Stillwater bridge wasteful, contradicting Bachmann.

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