Bachmann and Steve King continue to oppose settlement for black farmers

King is attacking the settlement in thinly disguised racist language that you can only get away with if you represent, say, a lily-white chunk of rural Iowa. Seriously, how can anyone call this “slavery reparations” with a straight face, and then claim that the Civil War made white people and black people square? Unbelievable. We’d call it chutzpah, but King probably has a problem with Jews too.

Meanwhile, Bachmann claims her opposition comes from the “fact” that the settlement is pure fraud. This allegation is based on the fact that there are more claimants than there are current black farmers. As the MSP City Pages explains, that’s precisely because the black people suing were systematically shut out of farming by the USDA. So Bachmann, once again, is lying. Though Keith Ellison appears to be the only one with the spine to say so.

Finally, both the CP and the Strib noted that while Bachmann opposes compensation for victims of discrimination, her father-in-law’s farm is more than happy to feed at the farm subsidies trough. In fact, the Strib caught her in another lie about the family farm:

Bachmann responded that she has never received “one penny” from her in-laws’ family farm in Independence, Wis., even though she reported between $15,001 and $50,000 in “farm income” on her federal financial disclosure forms this year. She and her husband also list a stake in the farm valued at up to $250,000. 


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