It all makes sense now!

Bachmann did an interview with the BBC — perhaps an attempt to branch out to media organizations that don’t donate to her campaigns. Not surprisingly, she got harder questions than she’s used to from Sean Hannity. Most amusingly, the BBC asked her about the widely debunked “$200 million a day” figure she threw around earlier this month. And look at what she actually said about it:

MAITLIS: You claimed that President Obama spent $200 million a day on a trip to India. It’s been roundly ridiculed as a quote.

BACHMANN: Actually, I didn’t claim that. I was quoting a newspaper out of India. And I only used that quote–

MAITLIS: Well why would you do that?

BACHMANN: Well number one it came out of the host country in India, a well-respected financial newspaper.

MAITLIS: And you believe that? $200 million dollars a day?

BACHMANN: Well, all I did was I quoted the newspaper. I quoted the newspaper and major national figures in the United States, many in the media had already been using that figure. […] The reason it was so important was that the president has a two-year history of out of control spending. […]

MAITLIS: You still believe that it was $200 million dollars a day?

BACHMANN: I didn’t say if I believe it or not. What I said was a I was quoting a newspaper.

This explains so much! Michele Bachmann doesn’t actually BELIEVE that gay people are all child molesters; she was just repeating what she’d read on a third-rate website! Michele Bachmann doesn’t actually BELIEVE that Americorps is a communist reeducation camp; she was just repeating what she’d read on a third-rate website! What we have here is not an aspiring religious fascist who cynically lies and tells half-truths to whip up enthusiasm among evangelical voters with poor critical thining skills. Rather, she is ONE of those poor people with the poor critical thining skills! Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, our girl is guilty of nothing more than believing everything she reads, no matter how believable it is or what the source. If we don’t carefully regulate her access to the Internet, she will soon believe that elephant populations tripled in 2006.

Or maybe she was just lying to the BBC.


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