Bachmann stumbles on Iran policy

Specifically, on the difference between Obama’s Iran policy and Bush’s. Talking Points Memo attended a Freedom Watch USA panel at which Bachmann was speaking. (Freedom Watch USA is a conservative foreign policy organization that can fairly be described as explicitly anti-Islam.) She said the State Department under Clinton (and Obama) is allowing Iran to threaten the United States, and criticized its decision to allow Mahmoud Acmadidn’twin on U.S. soil. Of course, as TPM pointed out, our least favorite Persian had been here twice during the Bush administration.

Asked by TPM about what substantive differences she saw between the Bush administration’s policy on Iran and the Obama’s handling of the regime, Bachmann didn’t have much to say. 

“Well, that’s not the purpose of my remarks here today,” Bachmann said. She did say that prior engagements with Iran during previous administrations were not productive.

TPM followed up to see if she any criticism specifically of the way the Bush administration handled Iran. “My remarks stand for themselves, thank you,” Bachmann said.

OK, so the remarks stand for themselves even though she’s already acknowledged that the remarks do not addres the asker’s question. Confused? Don’t be! This is just another example of how Bachmann is “effective[] … with our friends in the local and national media.” See how effective? Anyone who didn’t already agree would TOTALLY be convinced by this!


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