Bachmann turns down chance to do meaningful work on federal spending

Specifically, according to Politico, she has turned down a chance to be on the House Appropriations Committee, which as you can imagine is quite powerful because it funds things. Or doesn’t. This seems like a great opportunity for an anti-spending crusader like Bachmann to finally do the work she’s been claiming she wants to do. Right? But she declined, along with several other “fiscal conservatives.” The article doesn’t quote her on a reason, but the prospective chair of the committee suggested one: because this is hard work that could make them politically vulnerable.

“Anybody who’s a Republican right now, come June, is going to be accused of hating seniors, hating education, hating children, hating clean air and probably hating the military and farmers, too,” said Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), a fiscal conservative who is lobbying to become chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. “So much of the work is going to be appropriations related. There’s going to be a lot of tough votes. So some people may want to shy away from the committee. I understand it.” 

Rep. Steve King, R-Racistland, and a few other tea party types also turned down the opportunity. This is a big shift in what people used to want, according to the article. We suspect that tea partiers don’t want to do this job because it would require them to live up to campaign claims they can’t actually live up to without screwing their districts; see also Bachmann’s recent hypocrisy on earmarks and the stimulus bill.

Bachmann is claiming this isn’t true, according to the Strib. They said they’d try to confirm with the office of Georgia Republican Jack Kingston, who said he’d made the offer, but it isn’t online just yet if they did. It’s possible that she’s telling the truth, but given her perfect record of never telling the truth on controversial statements, we have our doubts.


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