Remember how Bachmann’s planning on offering Constitution classes? At the time, we wrote that we look forward to the day when she actually reads the First Amendment. As it turns out, she’s neatly bypassing any chance of genuine learning by hiring a religious nutjob. AOL News reported:

If tea party darling Michele Bachmann gets her way, conservative broadcaster Sean Hannity, Fox legal analyst Andrew Napolitano and David Barton, a Christian evangelist who has said church-state separation is “a myth,” will make up the faculty roster when the first classes of her new constitutional conservative caucus convene in the next Congress.

“Professor Barton” is a regular lecturer at Beck’s “university.” He has a bachelor’s degree in Christian education from Oral Roberts University and is best known for his conservative group WallBuilders, which teaches that America was founded as a Christian nation.

It’s a free country. Thus, people like Barton and Bachmann are free to spread lies. We’re aware these lies are usually aimed at taking other people’s freedom (e.g. the freedom to not be a Christian) away. But it’s not a crime, it’s just a horrifying, shameful attempt to undermine democracy. You voted for this, Sixth District.


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