A snub by party leadership of Michele Bachmann?

In our last post, we outlined how Michele Bachmann’s candidacy for chair of the House Republican conference is implicitly relying on her ability to appease the Tea Party. The House leadership has apparently figured out a way around this: create a new leadership position especially for freshman legislators, then give it to a different Tea Party favorite. It’s briefly mentioned at the bottom of this Faux News story, but then CNN dedicates an entire profile to the favored candidate, Kristi Noem of South Dakota. (This also allows them to add a woman, which apparently matters to the GOP all of a sudden. Better late than never, we guess.)

Anyway, it’s beginning to look a lot like the GOP establishment finds Bachmann as embarrassing as Minnesota does. Neither Paul Ryan, the douche from Wisconsin who wants to privatize Social Security, nor David Frum’s operation appear to support her candidacy. Boehner is staying mum himself, but it’s clear that she’s not the establishment favorite.


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