Bachmann makes waves pushing for #4 House leadership role

The MSP City Pages has a pretty good rundown of the news coverage. As we wrote before, Bachmann is running as a long-shot candidate for the #4 position in the majority party. She’s considered a long shot mainly because she’s going up against the party’s anointed, Jeb Hensarling of Texas. So this candidacy turns Republicans against Republicans, which is always a delight for us to watch.

The City Pages does some critical dissecting of the letter she wrote John Boehner. They also note that this is not great timing, since Bachmann’s other big reason for being in the news this week is for repeating totally made-up numbers about the cost of the president’s trip to India.* The NYT has a list of a few of her other batshit crazy statements.

Later, the WaPo’s Plum Line blog analyzed her letter to colleagues announcing her candidacy. In essence, it says Bachmann thinks she should have a leadership role because if she’s in charge, the Tea Partiers won’t mutiny when the GOP fails to do everything it wants. This is a bit like threatening to unleash the angry mob, except that as The Plum Line implies, it’s basically inevitable that the angry mob will get angry at the GOP. The GOP is full of nutjobs, but Congress is not going to eliminate 2/3 of the federal government before spring, adhere to the gold standard, stop all foreign aid and wars, eliminate the Fed and whatever other crazy shit Rand Paul wants. Plus they are not going to magically fix the economy in that time (note: we’d love to be wrong about that). We look forward to the inevitable disillusionment of the tea partiers.

Anyway, we figure America wins regardless of who wins this leadership position. If Bachmann doesn’t win, America can rest easy knowing that she has no special extra influence over legislation. If she does win, the GOP becomes less effective due to infighting. And, unless she comes down with laryngitis, also less credible. And that’s an indirect win for the country.

*We can’t help but perceive an element of racism in this criticism. As if they’re saying, “look at the uppity n**** with his huge entourage. The president is acting like a rap star!” But when Bush traveled, of course, all of the attendant costs were necessary for national security.


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