Bachmann turns out to like stimulus spending just fine!

Remember how Bachmann voted against the stimulus bill and has later said it “failed”? Well, it turns out that, success or failure, she didn’t think it was so useless that she didn’t want it in her district. The Center for Public Integrity got its hands on some letters written by various GOP Congresscritters requesting funds from this bill, and while Bachmann is not the only hypocrite in the bunch, she was the headliner in their press release.

The founder of the House Tea Party Caucus, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, is among scores of Republicans and conservative Democrats who criticized the $787 billion economic stimulus law while privately asking Obama administration officials for stimulus money to pay for local projects.

INN member MinnPost reports that Bachman — who has campaigned saying the stimulus law was a “failure” and that it did not create any jobs — quietly wrote at least six letters to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to seek stimulus funding for Minnesota projects. In one letter, she sought $300 million for a replacement bridge on the St. Croix River and cited a state estimate that the project would create nearly 3,000 jobs. 

The Pioneer-Press adds that Bachmann has turned down requests to support other means of funding some of these projects, including a Northstar commuter rail line expansion and a bridge over the St. Croix River. None of her requests for stimulus funding were granted, by the way.

Obviously, this is hypocrisy. But on the plus side for Bachmann, she can finally point to something she’s done for her district!


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