Back-and-forth on Tarryl Clark’s Social Security ad

The ad in question mentions Bachmann’s statement from earlier this year that she would like to “wean everybody off Social Security.”

The MinnPost reports that Bachmann’s people say this is taken misleadingly out of context. Fortunately for us, we wrote about this way back when it happened, and we used quite a long quote that includes the context. So the two people who read this blog can see for themselves.

We think the context shows that Bachmann was talking about “weaning away” younger people from Social Security, not people who are already receiving it. So Clark’s ad would be misleading if it takes the claim that Bachmann wants to take away Social Security from existing recipients. BUT, it doesn’t make that claim. In fact, it appears to be arguing that everyone who has paid into Social Security has a stake, which is true. If you’ve ever held a job involving payroll taxes, that’s your money Bachmann wants to take away from you.

But more importantly, if you read that post, Bachmann’s reason for wanting to take away Social Security is that it’s broke. Which it isn’t. So the whole thing was another Bachmann lie anyway.


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