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Short but hilarious

October 31, 2010

Michele Bachmann is planning on hosting Constitution and Bill of Rights classes for Congress. We look forward to a future in which Michele Bachmann has read the First Amendment.


The debate reviews are in! Bachmann still lying!

October 30, 2010

Recently, Michele Bachmann debated Tarryl Clark and Bob Anderson. Among the things they discussed was the recent financial reform bill, which Bachmann of course opposed. Clark took Bachmann to task for opposing this, since it was intended to prevent future bailouts that Bachmann claims to oppose. Bachmann countered that she opposed it because it created “permanent bailouts.” The St. Cloud Times takes the trouble to fact-check this:

Other leading Republicans have made the “permanent bailout” claim. They’re talking about a provision of financial reform that allows the FDIC to step in and dismantle failing financial firms deemed a threat to the nation’s economy. 

But independent fact-checking groups have disputed the accuracy of the “permanent bailout” term., a project of the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center, called the claim “misleading.”

And PolitiFact, a fact-checking project of the St. Petersburg Times, debunked such a claim from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. PolitiFact explained that this provision helps ensure taxpayers won’t pay to bail out financial firms in the future.

So it actually does the opposite of what Bachmann said.

Via MinnPost, we also learn that the AP fact-checked a claim Bachmann made about the stimulus bill. Recall that in our last post, we learned that Bachmann has been badmouthing the stimulus bill while attempting to get some of it for her district. The MinnPost/AP quote says she’s still badmouthing it, apparently without irony but also in a way that is intentionally misleading.

“Bachmann said the stimulus was an ‘abject failure’ that included money for highway signs proclaiming stimulus road projects and $71,000 to study monkeys on cocaine. Conservatives have seized on the cocaine research grant to paint the stimulus as wasteful and frivolous. The grant went to Wake Forest University in North Carolina from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for research on drug addiction.” That kind of context reporting isn’t so tough, is it? 

Bachmann turns out to like stimulus spending just fine!

October 22, 2010

Remember how Bachmann voted against the stimulus bill and has later said it “failed”? Well, it turns out that, success or failure, she didn’t think it was so useless that she didn’t want it in her district. The Center for Public Integrity got its hands on some letters written by various GOP Congresscritters requesting funds from this bill, and while Bachmann is not the only hypocrite in the bunch, she was the headliner in their press release.

The founder of the House Tea Party Caucus, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, is among scores of Republicans and conservative Democrats who criticized the $787 billion economic stimulus law while privately asking Obama administration officials for stimulus money to pay for local projects.

INN member MinnPost reports that Bachman — who has campaigned saying the stimulus law was a “failure” and that it did not create any jobs — quietly wrote at least six letters to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to seek stimulus funding for Minnesota projects. In one letter, she sought $300 million for a replacement bridge on the St. Croix River and cited a state estimate that the project would create nearly 3,000 jobs. 

The Pioneer-Press adds that Bachmann has turned down requests to support other means of funding some of these projects, including a Northstar commuter rail line expansion and a bridge over the St. Croix River. None of her requests for stimulus funding were granted, by the way.

Obviously, this is hypocrisy. But on the plus side for Bachmann, she can finally point to something she’s done for her district!

But they’re not racists at all!

October 2, 2010

Get this: Michele Bachmann, whose husband’s family farm has taken more than $250,000 in farm subsidies and whose husband’s crazy faith healing clinic has taken nearly $30,000 in state aid, is against wasteful fraud in farm subsidies! According to The Hill, she and Steve King, R-The Crazy Part of Iowa, held a press conference recently to denounce “fraud” by black farmers claiming part of a settlement with the USDA over historically racist lending practices.

As the report explains, there is no actual fraud. Their claim is that more people are claiming part of the settlement than the number of black farmers reported by the Census. This would make sense if you need to be a current farmer to claim part of the settlement — but you don’t. The whole point of this settlement is to repay people who were allegedly discriminated against between 1981 and 1997. So the events underlying these claims are between 13 and 29 years old. But Bachmann and King never let the facts get in their way! Especially when they can claim the Obama administration doesn’t care, and draw a racist inference without actually ever saying “because he is black.” (Or half black, but these are the kind of people who invented the one-drop rule.)

By the way, we don’t have any other good evidence that Bachmann is a racist, although she is certainly prejudiced against Muslims and gay people. We suspect she is even proud of it. However, if you want evidence that Steve King is a racist, spend five minutes googling him. In January, directly after a huge earthquake destroyed Haiti, he said deported Haitians could be handy as relief workers (with what money?), has voted against a resolution thanking slaves for building the Capitol and has accused the president of being inherently racist, using what we hope was a metaphor and not an attempt to be medically accurate. We also remember reading, but cannot now find, an article in which King suggested just deporting everybody who’s Hispanic. And this is a person who sits on the House immigration committee. Jesus wept.

Back-and-forth on Tarryl Clark’s Social Security ad

October 1, 2010

The ad in question mentions Bachmann’s statement from earlier this year that she would like to “wean everybody off Social Security.”

The MinnPost reports that Bachmann’s people say this is taken misleadingly out of context. Fortunately for us, we wrote about this way back when it happened, and we used quite a long quote that includes the context. So the two people who read this blog can see for themselves.

We think the context shows that Bachmann was talking about “weaning away” younger people from Social Security, not people who are already receiving it. So Clark’s ad would be misleading if it takes the claim that Bachmann wants to take away Social Security from existing recipients. BUT, it doesn’t make that claim. In fact, it appears to be arguing that everyone who has paid into Social Security has a stake, which is true. If you’ve ever held a job involving payroll taxes, that’s your money Bachmann wants to take away from you.

But more importantly, if you read that post, Bachmann’s reason for wanting to take away Social Security is that it’s broke. Which it isn’t. So the whole thing was another Bachmann lie anyway.