Bizarre statement about what God wants for corporations

It’s always a little embarrassing when other countries’ media takes a look at Michele Bachmann. Our image overseas is bad enough as it is. But the BBC did a sort of a trend story on American conservatives broadening their agenda, and it included this quote from Bachmann:

Ms Bachmann, for example, told the Values Voter that the financial woes of American auto companies – which she says were the result of too-generous pension plans – are an example of contravening a basic Christian principle: “Thou shalt not covet what does not belong to us.”

Really? Christians are against generosity to the aged? That might be news to actual priests and ministers. We also doubt that a pension plan, which is money earned through many years of work, could be considered “covet[ing] what does not belong to us.” But go on, lady, continue picking on retired people drawing fixed incomes and calling yourself a Christian in the same breath.

This is of course leaving aside the issue of her grammar.


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