Another Bachmann claim rated “pants on fire.”

We’re not actually sure PolitiFact, the source of these ratings, has ever awarded her anything less. When Bachmann lies, she lies hardcore! That’s why the public is no longer surprised when stuff like “the U.S. Census will put you in an internment camp” comes out of her mouth.

This claim was that Nancy Pelosi has spent $100,000 on alcohol at taxpayer expense while flying back and forth from Washington to her district on Air Force planes. This is a privilege afforded to all Speakers of the House. According to PolitiFact, it turns out that the $100,000 figure applies to all non-reimbursable costs, including baggage handling, food, room rentals, ground transportation, etc. In fact, Pelosi’s domestic flights don’t even have alcohol on them. Thus, LIE.

EDIT: We were wrong. Bachmann does not have a perfect “Pants on Fire” rating. All of her ratings are either “Pants on Fire” or “False.” However, zero of them are rated as anything like true. Just for fun, here’s a graphic showing Bachmann’s ratings from PolitiFact, courtesy of DumpBachmann:


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