Bachmann backs book claiming to “expose” threats of sharia law

That’s Islamic law, which is a religious legal system similar to the Jewish beit dins or whatever they have at the Vatican. But according to this guy, it’s actually a “legal-political-military doctrine” that is a “totalitarian threat.” The MinnPost claims the guy is making the case that attacks by terrorists are driven by sharia and not by a few extremists. We believe them, but are uninterested in verifying it directly by wading through a PDF that we expect to be full of offensive prejudice coached in academic language. The MinnPost also says the author of this book believes Hezbollah is training on the U.S.-Mexican border — why, because there’s not enough desert in the Middle East? Because the travel costs are so low? Edit: More from MNIndy backing up the claim that this author is a nutbag.

The really ironic thing here is that American social conservatives would LOVE to implement a Christian version of sharia and are busy trying all across the U.S. This is where legislation against same-sex marriage and equal pay for women comes from. The line between “traditional values” and the burkha is not very thick — both are intended to keep women handicapped and subservient. It’s just when OTHER religions want to do it that Christians (or maybe “Christians”) suddenly see a threat to individual rights.


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