St. Cloud Times fact-checks Bachmann just by reporting the facts

The article is actually rather dry unless you enjoy reading about tax policy. But the reporter actually does his job — that’s how you know it’s print and not TV — and as a result, all of the claims are explained. And when Bachmann’s claims are explained, the thick underlying layer of bulls**t that’s almost always there is exposed. E.g.:

The ads’ spokesman, “Jim the Election Guy,” suggests Clark voted to increase Minnesota’s sales tax — a claim that could mislead voters about Clark’s role in the tax increase.

In one ad, “Jim the Election Guy” says Clark voted to raise sales taxes on corn dogs and deep-fried bacon at the State Fair. In another, he says Clark favored a tax increase on school supplies.

Clark told the Times she voted for the sales-tax amendment in the election booth in 2008. So in that sense, Clark supported increasing taxes on the above items. But her state Senate vote didn’t raise taxes. It only put the measure to a statewide referendum, and voters responded by endorsing it.

To be fair, the article does document that Clark actually has raised taxes a number of times. But just listing the facts ignores the underlying question: Was it for a good reason? Republicans have given up asking that question and now treat taxes the same way they would treat Satan, but those of us with critical thinking skills might want to look into what those taxes funded and whether we think it’s worth our tax dollars.


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