CNN follows Bachmann around the State Fair

It’s not in-depth, because even if cable news did depth, which it does not, Bachmann allowed only two questions. This appears to be a summary of the TV version, in which CNN is not above complaining about its limited access:

Bachmann carefully selects her interviews, agreeing only to the outlets her camp considers friendly. A Fox News camera crew who conducted a lengthy sit-down interview with Bachmann follows her. CNN’s request for a sit-down interview was denied.

Right, this way she can tell blatant lies and nobody will call her out on it. Well, it’s that plus the wussiness of the print media. This piece also mentions that Tarryl Clark has made a decision on the “Bachmann: Crazy or Calculating” debate and chosen calculating. (We tend to agree, but suspect that Steve King is 100% pure crazy.)

Here’s the TV version, which includes a snip of the State Fair ad that has been taken off YouTube, with some version of the Fair logo:

It also — thanks, Dump Bachmann — features a guy yelling at her “You are a crazy lady!” Then he says to the camera, “Could anybody believe the crap that comes out of her mouth?” When your own constituents are saying it, buckle your seatbelt!


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