Bachmann State Fair ad fact-check

WCCO’s Reality Check fact-checked the Bachmann State Fair ad. Not for its implied State Fair endorsement; for its claims about what Tarryl Clark did and did not vote for. They dug into the voting history and made a fine but important distinction. WCCO’s Pat Kessler:

Bachmann says correctly that Clark voted in favor of putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot to raise the sales tax for arts and the environment.

Minnesotans approved it.

But voting to put it on the ballot isn’t the same as voting for a sales tax hike, so that’s not accurate.

So in summation, Clark voted to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot and Minnesotans then voted on that. It’s a bit of a stretch from there to say she voted to tax corn dogs specifically. (The amendment raised sales and use tax by three-eights of one percent to fund arts, cultural heritage and environmental preservation, so we imagine that’s why it passed.)

It says the beer claim is true, though, so no love there. Well, depending on how you feel about “sin taxes.”

Edit: It further transpires that Bachmann herself supported this amendment when it was up. As always, hat tip to Dump Bachmann!


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