Bachmann claims on Glenn Beck rally keep inflating

First she claimed it was a million. Then she claimed it was 1.6 million. CBS News had 78,000 to 96,000, based on data it commissioned from a company called AirPhotosLive. If this is correct, either of Bachmann’s claims are off by a factor of TEN. Someone else, we forget who now, estimated it at closer to 300,000. (Honestly, we don’t give a damn how many people were there. 1.6 million people are perfectly capable of being wrong, especially if they watch Glenn Beck.)

She attributed the 1.6 million number to an unnamed National Parks officer. The National Parks don’t do this kind of count anymore because it’s so politicized, so we wonder if any officer would actually take the trouble to count a crowd that big (which of course cannot be done by hand) just out of curiosity. Of course, we suspect this “National Parks officer” is fictional, just like the person who “told” Bachmann about the denial of health care to critics in that country. In front of an audience comprising Laura Ingrahm fans, she knows there ain’t gonna be no fact-checking.

Edit: A Univ. of Aeizona professor who estimates crowd sizes (you can get a PhD in that?) puts the number within the CBS News range.

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