WaPo on “The Bachmann-ization of American Politics”

This post to the newspaper’s The Plum Line blog criticizes what the author sees as the degeneration of political disagreement into outright assasination of the other side’s character. It’s named after Bachmann for obvious reasons — they mention her latest BS claim that the legislation currently before Congress is going to be Democratic election money rather than money to keep teachers and firefighters employed. But they also prominently mention Sharron Angle, the nutjob who’s running against Harry Reid in Nevada, and who has implied that she supports shooting people with guns to resolve political disagreements. The author thinks this encourages crazy people to act crazy and potentially commit violence. The money graf:

Candidates like Bachmann and Angle owe their success and national renown to the Tea Party. And it frequently seems like they’re deliberately speaking to the Tea Party’s most delusional and self-aggrandizing elements, who need to be flattered with a narrative that’s far more grandiose and portentous than a mere argument over the proper future direction of the republic. They need to believe that they’re part of a movement that’s determined to rescue the republic from an illegitimate, even evil regime. Hence the frequent hints from the likes of Bachmann and Angle that just about everything Dems do is dark and vaguely criminal.

Actually, this seems to be a theme on this blog. The author calls statements like these “Tea Party hallucinations.” To the list of hallucinations, we suggest adding the offensive and false perception by older white people that they are victims of racism by black people.


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