Ah, finally another Bachmann lie!

It’s been weeks since we spotted any. We were beginning to think summer makes her sane. But thanks to MNIndy, we can bring you the newest financial fib: The financial reform bill will exempt the SEC from the Freedom of Information Act.*

“Now their powers have been enhanced, but it’s almost like a blanket put over the SEC because the public will now be prohibited from getting its eyes on documents.”

The trouble with this is that the SEC says it’s not true.

“This provision does not provide a “blanket” SEC exemption from FOIA and is not designed to protect the SEC as an agency from public oversight and accountability. Instead, Section 9291 is meant to ensure that the Commission can gather the information it needs to perform its required examination, enforcement and oversight duties, including proprietary and customer information.”

MNINdy says even the Faux News anchor handling the show Bachmann used to spread this lie pointed out that it’s not true.

*Can you envision her caring about FOIA in different circumstances? Say, in circumstances that do not afford an opportunity to criticize Democrats? Yeah, we couldn’t either.


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