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August 24, 2010

We must apologize. We have misrepresented Michele Bachmann as having said she is hot for Jesus. According to a clip from the fine people at Dump Bachmann, she didn’t say that. Rather, she said that God wants to say that people are hot! And that “we” (presumably Christians) “are hot for God!” God “changes the world through hot people.” For more than 40 years, Bachmann said, she has been hot for God! But not explicitly for Jesus.


Oh right, and Bachmann is lying some more.

August 13, 2010

In fact, she’s been lying about this for about a week, but we didn’t have the energy to debunk it. MNIndy does at least part of the job here. In essence, Bachmann has been claiming that the bill Congress was called back to Washington to vote on is not funding for public jobs like teachers and Medicare funding, as congressional leaders have claimed. Bachmann is representing this as a gift to unions that will be partially redirected into the reelection funds of Democrats. No, seriously:

…now these public employee unions have received their $26 billion payoff, now they’re going to skim the top of the public union dues off the top, put it in political action coffers and then use it to run these Democrat reelection campaigns, and to go after Republicans.

Now, Bachmann appears to be implying that public employees who would stand to benefit are a) unionized and b) liberals. We are sure that not all public employees would agree. But never mind that. From there, we also have to accept uncritically that the public employees will be paying part of those salaries in union dues and that those union dues will directly contribute to Democratic reelection campaigns. This is a big stretch that requires offensive assumptions about who benefits and very, very vague accounting.

Finally, we’d like to point out that public employee unions might support Republicans more often if Republicans didn’t spend so much time and energy trying to screw over unions and their members.

WaPo on “The Bachmann-ization of American Politics”

August 13, 2010

This post to the newspaper’s The Plum Line blog criticizes what the author sees as the degeneration of political disagreement into outright assasination of the other side’s character. It’s named after Bachmann for obvious reasons — they mention her latest BS claim that the legislation currently before Congress is going to be Democratic election money rather than money to keep teachers and firefighters employed. But they also prominently mention Sharron Angle, the nutjob who’s running against Harry Reid in Nevada, and who has implied that she supports shooting people with guns to resolve political disagreements. The author thinks this encourages crazy people to act crazy and potentially commit violence. The money graf:

Candidates like Bachmann and Angle owe their success and national renown to the Tea Party. And it frequently seems like they’re deliberately speaking to the Tea Party’s most delusional and self-aggrandizing elements, who need to be flattered with a narrative that’s far more grandiose and portentous than a mere argument over the proper future direction of the republic. They need to believe that they’re part of a movement that’s determined to rescue the republic from an illegitimate, even evil regime. Hence the frequent hints from the likes of Bachmann and Angle that just about everything Dems do is dark and vaguely criminal.

Actually, this seems to be a theme on this blog. The author calls statements like these “Tea Party hallucinations.” To the list of hallucinations, we suggest adding the offensive and false perception by older white people that they are victims of racism by black people.

Ah, finally another Bachmann lie!

August 9, 2010

It’s been weeks since we spotted any. We were beginning to think summer makes her sane. But thanks to MNIndy, we can bring you the newest financial fib: The financial reform bill will exempt the SEC from the Freedom of Information Act.*

“Now their powers have been enhanced, but it’s almost like a blanket put over the SEC because the public will now be prohibited from getting its eyes on documents.”

The trouble with this is that the SEC says it’s not true.

“This provision does not provide a “blanket” SEC exemption from FOIA and is not designed to protect the SEC as an agency from public oversight and accountability. Instead, Section 9291 is meant to ensure that the Commission can gather the information it needs to perform its required examination, enforcement and oversight duties, including proprietary and customer information.”

MNINdy says even the Faux News anchor handling the show Bachmann used to spread this lie pointed out that it’s not true.

*Can you envision her caring about FOIA in different circumstances? Say, in circumstances that do not afford an opportunity to criticize Democrats? Yeah, we couldn’t either.

Tea Party Caucus: Tactical error?

August 8, 2010

Anyway, Politico says some tea partiers are not terribly happy about the caucus, which they see as co-opting their movement. So if other Republicans don’t like it and tea partiers don’t like it, who does? Let’s see which corporate donations implicitly endorse the idea.

NOTE: She also pissed them off by endorsing Roy Blunt of Missouri. We’re not willing to assume she went to the hospital JUST to avoid appearing in person — especially since Skyping in doesn’t really remove her from his orbit — but the timing is convenient.

Lost in all the Target drama…

August 7, 2010

…don’t forget that some tiny fraction of the dollars spent at Target goes to Michele Bachmann, through Target corporate officers CEO Gregg Steinhafel. They have every right to freedom of “speech,” (even though money is finite and speech isn’t), as Bachmann points out. But we have every right to buy cheap plastic crap somewhere else.

EDIT: And apparently also AT&T.