The British notice how Bachmann is crazy

We thought the British appetite for the minutiae of American politics was nonexistent, but the Guardian has proven us wrong. An item in that publication from Sunday looked at Bachmann’s recent career. It starts out by suggesting that she’s out to shatter Minnesotans’ reputation for being nice — ouch. It also says she’s “replacing” Sarah Palin, which we think is understating Bachmann’s pre-2008 career, but maybe that’s how it looks from across the pond.

The author explains that Bachmann is considered “extreme” and cites examples that probably seem pretty extreme to British people. But in our opinion, he only scratched the surface of the crazy. He briefly mentions the “investigating members of Congress” thing without mentioning that Obama was the target of that statement, but leaves out her statements that:
1. The U.S. Census is a threat to your freedom and may possibly put you in an internment camp.
2. Americorps is a reeducation camp. (One that her son later joined.)
3. The British national health system kills people.
4. Carbon dioxide is a “harmless gas,” thus global warming is not a threat.
5. Gay people are out to harm your children.

Perhaps this fellow didn’t have the time, or maybe he was protecting Minnesotans from embarrassment, but we think that stuff is just getting buried. This blog exists in part to keep that information alive. (Which is why we should really do some categorizing, um, but never mind that.) Voters deserve to know when public servants appear to be insane and/or scaremongering.


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