Bachmann Repeats Tired Lies About BP Compensation Fund

She went on WCCO and, in a later tweet, claims that she “clear[ed] up my opponents [sic] lies” about her statements on BP. Now, Clark never had to lie about what Bachmann said, because she just repeated her statements verbatim. But never mind that. While on this show, Bachmann repeated her claim that Obama extracted a $20 billion “political slush fund” from BP under duress. “This is the first time we have ever taken oil spill money and given it to the president so that he can personally give it out to whichever victim he wants.”

This is not true for multiple reasons. Of course, Obama doesn’t even have time to go through Gulf claims individually. No one person does, because there will be too many. (Maybe this is an easy thing to overlook when you haven’t spared a single thought for the victims.) Nor is the president in charge of distributing it. Via City Pages, The Hill explains that the guy in charge of this fund is the same guy who handled the 9/11 victims compensation fund and executive pay at bailed-out corporations. Finally, as City Pages notes, there are multiple precedents for this kind of fund, including the Exxon-Valdez disaster.

The City Pages also has some stuff on Bachmann repeating her lies about the “death panels” that health care reform will supposedly create. We could repeat the extensive debunking of this claim, but why? It’s absurd on its face. If it were even remotely supported by facts, Canadians would be streaming over the border, begging for asylum.


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