MN Indy picks up the fake charity story

But you read it at Dump Bachmann first! Or anyway, we did.

The organization in question is called the United States Navy Veterans Association, and it’s a one-man organization. That man, Bobby Thompson, has disappeared. MNIndy thinks it might have something to do with the fact that USNVA is being investigated for fraud in six states, not including Minnesota. Ohio AG Richard Cordray, who is clearly preparing to run for higher office, has already shut it down and issued a public statement. Apparently his office has found very little evidence that USNVA has helped veterans and their families, but a lot of evidence that Thompson gives money to politicians. Of the $35,000 donated in Minnesota, Bachmann got $10,000 as recently as this year. Other recipients are of course also Republican candidates or organizations.

Taking this guy’s money doesn’t necessarily mean she knew he was a crook, of course, but we’d be delighted to discover evidence that she did know. We’d also enjoy seeing Thompson turned over to a group of recent veterans who spend a lot of time at the gym.


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