Bachmann compares financial reform to slavery

In fact, she made Ed Schultz’s Psycho Talk for:
1) Decrying a recess appointment Obama made as someone “who loves the United Kingdom death system of socialized medicine.” The British may be surprised to learn that National Health is actually killing them. She then repeats the thoroughly debunked claim that health care reform will lead to death panels, which PolitiFact called 2009’s Lie of the Year. She can get away with this because she was talking to the Western Conservative Summit, a conservative convention with a creepy loyalty/groupthink oath.
2) Saying America under Obama is a “nation of slaves.” Descendants of actual slaves would be justified in being offended by this, which is perhaps why almost none of them vote for Republicans. The Clark campaign has noticed.

Lots more crazy shit (and we use that word advisedly), including extensive debunking of outright lies, available thanks to the Colorado Independent. We particularly liked her use of a C.S. Lewis quote decrying “moral busybodies,” which was apparently said to a room full of evangelical conservatives without irony.


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