Bachmann staff revolving door swings again…

…leaving her without a chief of staff or a finance director. The article doesn’t give any reason for leaving for the chief of staff, Ron Carey, and vague “pursuing other opportunities” from fundraiser Zandra Wolcott. However, this is the fifth chief of staff to leave since she was elected in 2006. Let’s be generous and shave off a month to account for only partial months this month and in November of 2006. That’s five chiefs in 44 months, or an average of 8.8 months per chief. When there’s lots of turnover at a job, we personally think twice about applying.

As for Wolcott, she’s not leaving because her job has been unsuccessful — Bachmann has a record haul of campaign cash. We would simply conclude that working there is unpleasant, but Dump Bachmann has an alternative theory involving donations from a sham veterans’ charity.


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