Bachmann gets PolitiFact checked again…

…and yet again gets a rating of “false.” Sometimes she gets “pants on fire,” but she’s never gotten “true” from the St. Petersburg Times branch. This fact check comes from the Austin American-Statesman, however, which checked into her claims that Social Security is out of money and borrowing from the general fund. Neither is remotely true. Social Security’s payroll taxes did not meet payouts, but it still has a $2.5 trillion trust fund, which PolitiFact Texas says will last 25 years. If the program runs out of money, it can borrow from interest on securities it bought in the general treasury. That is, it draws on interest in its investments, which happen to be in the general treasury. Not only is this not borrowing from the general fund, but it’s actually the general fund that’s borrowing from Social Security. Although it’s still the government borrowing from itself, which is kind of silly. The article goes on to point out that Social Security does have problems — just not these problems.

In any case, this is extremely disingenuous and seems designed to scare people. Making it just like most of the other stuff Bachmann says. There’s no prohibition on scaring people for political gain in the Ten Commandments, but false witness is sure in there.


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