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“Paling around” with crazy people…

June 30, 2010

Michele Bachmann has it. To be fair, Bachmann has never actually said anything about Obama’s citizenship, although she’s said plenty of other crazy stuff. But if she’s going to smear the president for having friends who were radicals 50 years ago, she could certainly think about how her “attitudes, values and beliefs” look when she hangs out with current radicals.


Tarryl Clark accused of “going negative” by reproducing Bachmann quotes verbatim

June 29, 2010

War is peace, freedom is slavery and Michele Bachmann claims that when she called the BP fund “extortion,” she really meant that BP is fully liable for the gigantic environmental disaster it created. No kidding. She claims Tarryl Clark’s BP ad is “false and misleading” because it says Bachmann’s statements about BP “let BP off the hook.” You can read the statements verbatim and decide for yourself at MNIndy or pretty much anywhere else that Google can take you, because that stuff is everywhere. Don’t piss in America’s pocket and tell us it’s raining, lady.

Bachmann gets PolitiFact checked again…

June 28, 2010

…and yet again gets a rating of “false.” Sometimes she gets “pants on fire,” but she’s never gotten “true” from the St. Petersburg Times branch. This fact check comes from the Austin American-Statesman, however, which checked into her claims that Social Security is out of money and borrowing from the general fund. Neither is remotely true. Social Security’s payroll taxes did not meet payouts, but it still has a $2.5 trillion trust fund, which PolitiFact Texas says will last 25 years. If the program runs out of money, it can borrow from interest on securities it bought in the general treasury. That is, it draws on interest in its investments, which happen to be in the general treasury. Not only is this not borrowing from the general fund, but it’s actually the general fund that’s borrowing from Social Security. Although it’s still the government borrowing from itself, which is kind of silly. The article goes on to point out that Social Security does have problems — just not these problems.

In any case, this is extremely disingenuous and seems designed to scare people. Making it just like most of the other stuff Bachmann says. There’s no prohibition on scaring people for political gain in the Ten Commandments, but false witness is sure in there.

This just in: Jesus was against sharing your wealth with the poor!

June 27, 2010

Many of those who have read the New Testament might disagree, but that’s the claim from the Sixth District’s only Congresswoman. According to MNIndy, this was in a documentary called “Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger,” put out by someone called Coral Ridge Ministries. Read it and weep, liberal Christians:

Rep. Michele Bachmann appears in a new documentary by Coral Ridge Ministries called “Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger.” The film questions “whether socialism is the Bible’s prescription for the underprivileged and assesses socialism’s track record in Venezuela, Cuba and elsewhere.” The film’s creators conclude definitively in the first few minutes that socialism is decidedly anti-Jesus.

We have considered digging up quotes from the Bible showing that Jesus was actually into sharing. But you know what? Number one, it would take too long because that stuff is everywhere in the New Testament. Have a loaf and a fish; we got plenty. Number two, doing that would fail to address the bigger problem with the idea behind this documentary, which is the insistence that “socialism” means “social safety net provided by the government.” Republicans can keep saying this, but dictionaries don’t say it and political scientists don’t say it, because of how it is not true.

It would be nice to think that private charity is enough to care for the poor and protect the vulnerable, but in order to think that, we would have to go back in time and unread all the books we read about the Industrial Revolution.

This is of course not even addressing the question of why we should be basing public policy decisions on the Bible in a multisectarian, officially secular democracy.

Bachmann is against earmarks, except as to her district

June 26, 2010

This revelation comes to you courtesy of a St. Cloud Times story on her withdrawing two transportation-related earmark requests:

Bachmann has been a vocal critic of the earmark process. But after requesting the transportation bill projects last year, she acknowledged to local officials she was making an exception to her no-earmark stance.

Bachmann spokeswoman Rachel Horn now says the “high-priority project requests” Bachmann made weren’t “in the same category” as an earmark request.

Definitions of an earmark vary, but House rules also define what Bachmann submitted last year as an earmark request, says a nonpartisan earmark watchdog group.

She thinks her constituents are stupid, apparently.

Bachmann gets on national TV for free…

June 25, 2010

…by being in a new Democratic attack ad featuring Republicans critical of the BP compensation fund. This is in addition to the Tarryl Clark ad blasting her for calling the fund “extortion.”

We know Minnesota is a long way from the Gulf of Mexico, but we still find it pretty hard to believe that no Republican thought that maybe defending BP would come off this way. Do they have a super-secret political strategy we can’t figure out, or are they really that tone-deaf/beholden to big business? Our money is on tone-deaf money grubbers.

Stewart rips Bachmann

June 24, 2010

Not that it was hard to predict, but Jon Stewart included her in his review of RepuBPlicans apologizing to BP. “You broke it, you bought it is not extortion.” Comedy Central doesn’t seem to offer easy embedding, so you’ll have to click through to here.

He later calls her out for claiming that “no one is saying that this fund shouldn’t be set up” three days after she called it extortion and unconstitutional. Does that mean she’s not against unconstitutional extortion? Stewart also mentions that she was quoting a memo from the Republican Study Committee, which perhaps should study the art of public relations a little harder.

Yah, sorry, we got busy.

June 21, 2010

For your mid-June delectation:

We promise to try to post more. Summer makes us busy and lazy.