“In MN, we use real butter.”

Because we don’t actually USE Twitter, we didn’t think to dig up Andrew Romano’s Twitter feed. We apologize and are here to rectify the problem. Interesting Bachmann-related tweets:

# MB says “it won’t be 1 quarter b4 economy is up.” But as Chait notes, cutting taxes AND spending is “magical thinking” http://bit.ly/9Df0Zv about 3 hours ago via Twitterrific

# Re Jesus+public funds http://bit.ly/9ouEuY. Not that it stopped MB from mentioning God today @ secular PACT Charter. I counted 16 shout outs about 12 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

# MB, Ramsey: “God put it in our hearts to start a charter school” like this one in 93. Result: she was ousted 4 mixing Jesus & public funds. about 12 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

# Howard Beale lives! After a day of written q’s for Bachmann, a man shouts out in Hugo 1) “This isnt a town hall! You arent listening to us!” about 14 hours ago via web

# #Bachmann in Hugo: Fed govt plans to take over 74% of economy (51% now + 8% via cap-n-trade + 15% via FinReg). Um: http://bit.ly/9aKaSh about 15 hours ago via web

#Bachmann “Everyone should run a profitable biz 4 3 yrs b4 running 4 office.” Does nabbing tax cheats 4 the IRS count? http://bit.ly/9ouEuY 3:08 PM May 10th via Twitterrific

MB’s economist says if the top tax rate was cut to 25% last year, we’d have 2.2 million more jobs. Crowd nods knowingly. #epistemicclosure 12:15 PM May 10th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

# The problem, according to Beach? “We didn’t have the courage to cut taxes during a recession.” But actually, Obama did: http://bit.ly/biQCIP 9:38 AM May 10th via web

# First slide: “Jobs Plan of Congress Not Working.” Really? What about this: http://bit.ly/biQCIP 9:29 AM May 10th via web [EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, he put the same link twice. Sorry. We don’t know what he was referring to.]

MB: “Congress wants to decide who gets a credit card and who doesnt. If youre politically connected youll get credit. If not you wont.” ??? 9:13 AM May 10th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Thanks, mainstream media! We know it’s a pain in the rear to follow Bachmann around 24 hours a day, but you may have actually doubled the available information about how much she stretches the truth (while invoking Jesus out of the other side of her mouth).


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