Professional journalist follows Bachmann around, fact-checks her!

Finally, a good use for Twitter! According to the City Pages, Andrew Romano of Newsweek is following Michele Bachmann around District 6 until at least Wednesday, and may have the dubious honor of following her to her speaking engagements in California. (Note to Bachmann: Palm Springs is full of old people, but also has lots of TEH GAYZ! Some of the old people ARE TEH GAYZ! BEWARE!)

Romano is making heavy use of his Twitter account, the City Pages says. From some kind of gathering in St. Cloud, possibly her jobs forum:

“Bachmann asks “Why did the govt bailout GM but not Ford?” Well, because, Ford didn’t need–or want–a bailout. …”MB intros sidekick Bill Beach of the “independent” Heritage Foundation. Geez. Even Heritage calls itself conservative.”…

“#Bachmann “Nothing like being armed w/ knowledge so we can make the best possible decisions” #irony?”



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